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The Family Meeting

The family meeting

It is the one thing dreaded by the entire family
It always ends with disappointment on one end and a new car on the other
At least that’s how it’s been for my three older brothers
It’s always like an hour long and everybody get’s so bored
It takes up the entire Friday and nobody at all likes it


Poetry Titles

Principals Office
The Quiz
Mystery Food
Gross Corn
My Brother
The Family Meeting
The Shave
Living Hair
The Killer Cone
Scream For Ice Cream
Weirdo in the Window
The Creepy Classmate
The Weekend Trip
The Crazy Canoe
The Interruption
The Monster Video
The Paddler
The Witch
Lights of the World
Silent Butt Deadly
The Shark Attack
First Day of School
The Pool
The Crash
The Grade card
The Monster Mo niter
Silent Classroom
The Eye Roll
Them Haters Gonna Hate
The Love Story
The Chain mail
The Game
Mean Green Fighting Machine
I Wish I was Smart
I Hate it When I get in Trouble
I Love it When I Get Ice cream
My Brother is so Annoying
Attitude and Gratitude Whats the Difference
Popping Peas
I Wish I was Funny
The Day I Felt Like Dying
The Worst Day Ever
Its the Best Day Ever
How to be a Cartoon
Oh Really
Longest Word Smiles
Crybaby Kitty
Control V Money
My Halloween Shirt
Eating Dogs With no Hair
My Big Belly Massacre
If I Could Only Be Rich
Sit Down and Be Funny
Thanks for Giving
How to Make Pumpkin Pie
If I Could Sleep
Sunny Day Blues



The book I am reading is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I am only to chapter two but so far Beatrice has aptitude tests. Which tells you your faction. There are five factions, Abnegation, Erudite, Candor, Amity and Dauntless.  Before the aptitude tests are over her instructor stops the test. The instructor says ” you can not tell anyone that you got Divergent, it is very dangerous.” As she goes home she has to tell her parents she got sent home early because the test made her sick.


Cause and Effect


My Class Role’m going to tell you what role I play in my class. Patty Mills is a guard for the Spurs, unlike him I’m in class. I feel like I’m the I always help people spell in the class. I’m always willing to tell them if they spelled something wrong. The other day I had to help my friend spell parallelogram and I was fine with it.

Sometimes people say I’m the grammar police and even the human dictionary. I don’t care because they still need help. Sometimes I’m not correct and people don’t usually blame me for helping them.

Sometimes I’m funny as well.  Maybe I’m cracking a joke with my friends or making someones day better. When I’m with my friends we’re all trying to be the funniest one in the room. And that’s the class role I play.



I walked across the blades of grass
It started getting dark
I heard a voice like brass
It started to bark
As I walked
across the yard
It got as dark as a black cat
As I heard a noise
A man came running with a bat


The Fate of Ten

I have started reading a book called The Fate of Ten. It’s a book about a girl living through an alien apocalypse and trying to survive. She starts to realize that she has super powers and can help fight the aliens. Along with the rest of the Garde she has a chance at life. With the option to fight among her heroes she does. And with that responsibility she helps win a long war between these two races on Earth.


The Fall of Five

Last night I read my book The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore. From the page I started on numbers Four through Ten were in a huge battle. The battle was against the mogadorian king named Setrakus Ra. Four and Six were coming to the battle in a car trying to get to one of their friends held hostage in a military base. All of them are there in the dessert looking for the king Setrakus.

When Four found where the secret tunnel to the base was Setrakus set his army and started the huge war. Although there were only six of them they tried to defeat him. Instead of defeating him they just ended up injuring him enough to run away.

A few weeks later in Chicago all of the numbers join in Nine’s penthouse. All but one, they are missing Five. As Four sits on the roof of the penthouse he thinks through were Five could be, what he’s doing or if he was captured.

That was what I got to read last night. I thought that at the beginning it was very intense until they escaped.


If I Were The Main Character

Dear Mr.McGuire,

 The book I will be comparing myself to is Image result for The fall of fiveThe Fall of Five. The main character’s name is Five. He’s about eighteen years old and has super powers.

 Five is a hardheaded character and never wants to talk to any of the other numbers. The reason he is so stubborn is because when he got to Earth he never had a Cêpan. He probably feels kind of sad because he never got to have his trainer.

Also in the book he get’s in a fight with another number. The number he get’s in a fight with is Nine. We can just say it didn’t turn out good for Five. In the book if I was Five I would be more aware of what I can do with my powers and other Garde. Instead of getting in fights I would try to help the other Garde instead of hurting them.

     I am not like Five because he is mean to everyone and I try to make as many friends as possible. We are also not alike because he has super powers such as telekinesis and super speed and I do not.

Those are some ways the book would be different and how I compare myself to the main character. I hope you could read at least one book in this series sometime.

Extra information; There are many books in the series including, I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, The Fall of Five, The Revenge of Seven, The Revenge of Ten, and United as One.


Swear to Howdy

If I wrote Swear to Howdy by Wendelin Van Draanen the main story would make Joey and Rusty split up. They would split up forever because Rusty decided to rob a bank. One of their pacts was to never do crime and that is what Rusty’s doing. Though Joey ends up helping him and they wait a month scouting a bank and planning the heist. Then the day has finnaly come. Joey goes to Rusty’s house and says “Are you ready ol’e Rusty boy?” They go and on their way out they see someone has stolen Joey’s dad’s truck, so they end up jumping in front of a car at a stop sign and speed away.

The following day they have a funeral for Rusty. But mysteriously he stays in the shadows and watches his own funeral. Years go past Joey get’s older has a family and he’s in his late twenties. But the day has come and Rusty calls Joey and says ” I’m ready for another heist.”

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